Saturday, March 23, 2013

Teaching Elapsed Time concepts

Teaching elapsed time can be a struggle for lots of teachers, and a difficult concept for lots of students to learn, especially those who have a learning difference such as ADHD,  Non-verbal Learning disability (NLD) or Right-Hemisphere disorder (RHD). I've found a few products that help students to understand the "sweep of time". First off, it's important that there's an understanding of the fact that time is linear. Learning Resources has a wonderful "Judy Clock" with gears that actually moves incrementally as students figure out the passage of time. 

You can find it here.  Learning resources also features an Elapsed Time Set that has magnetic strips that show the passage of time. You can find those here.

Another helpful resource are the Magnetic Elapsed Time Bars sold by "Really Good Stuff". These bars show comparisons between segments of time (think fraction bars) in a very visual way. They are made of durable foam that is backed with magnetic strips - perfect for use on a white-board or refrigerator. Those who are teaching using the Singapore Method will like the way that these bars approach elapsed time problem solving. You can purchase them here.

I purchased each of these products myself. I am not affiliated with either company, and I did not receive any compensation for this post.

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